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Principals with Over 50 Years of Combined Lending Experience Providing Financial Solutions for Your Corporate Requirements

Financing For Industry arranges funding from simple business loans to complex multi-million dollar corporate transactions. Our experienced professionals work throughout the country in a variety of industries, and specialize in closing loans that other lenders find "tougher to do."

Financing For Industry is an important resource for small to mid-sized businesses. Mergers in the banking and financial industry in recent years have reduced the traditional funding options for these businesses. As a result, many business owners find that it is more complex and difficult to secure the financing they need. Without the services of a knowledgeable Financing Company, a CEO or CFO's valuable time and resources can be lost in the pursuit of transactions that are not well-suited to their business needs.

Financing For Industry specializes in structuring financing packages tailored to the needs of individual businesses and corporations. Our principals will discuss the financing options available for your business after assessing the current funding requirements of your business.

Market Change From Equity to Debt

There are two significant reasons for the rise in the number of debt requests in the market. First, equity investors are far more cautious and selective than just a year ago. As the market for equity has severely contracted, and stock prices are depressed, business owners are seeking debt financing in greater numbers than ever.

Second, banks are under tremendous pressure from federal regulators to exit middle market loans, causing lenders to be much more selective when it comes to new borrowers. Borrowers with any "credit story" need professional representation more than ever to successfully bring them through the underwriting process to closing.